Child rights club

Child Rights Clubs were established in each of our project participating schools in Mbeya region. These clubs focused on bringing children with and without disabilities together to provide opportunity for social interaction, friendships and learning aspects of children rights supporting positive inclusion in the school culture .Activities that clubs members undergo were designed with child support Tanzania to helps build confidence and help none-disabled children better understand disability. The clubs and intervention they fostered helped to create a positive and friendly culture within schools. This significant reduce peer to peer discrimination and increase positive experience of and feeling of belonging. CRCs increase children’s awareness of their rights and responsibilities, generate constructive dialogue between children and teachers regarding issues of abuse, neglect, and expected behaviour norms, and equip children with information and support to report cases of abuse. At the same time, CRCs give children a platform to express their opinions, thoughts, and concerns, and activate schools. Currently, Child Support Tanzania supports 30 CRCs in Mbeya, that engage 300 children. These children reach 15,000 community members through dance, drama, and discussion in schools and communities, public radio programs that showcase stories told by children and engage communities in dialogue, and through international day celebration that CRCs members perform certain messages to community and government.