Child Support Tanzania Receives an Outstanding Impact in Disability Rights award in CSO Week of Excellence.

Early November this year Tanzanian's leading local donor The Foundation for Civil Society(FCS) held a major event bringing country's civil society organization in a spectacular one week of sharing experiences, learning and awarding organization who have contributed to outstanding service delivery in their thematic areas, Tanzania CSO Week Event.

The event commenced on 4th November up to 8th November.CSO Week have gained popularity and legitimacy as an official open week long event bringing together ministers, government regional leaders, participating CSO's, students and residents of the Tanzanian Capital City Dodoma. This year, CSO Week carried a theme titled 'Progress through Partnership: Collaboration as a Driver for Development in Tanzania was officially opened by Country's prime Minister Hon. Kassim Majaliwa. CSO Week 2019 theme placed greater emphasis on partnership. During inception of this colorful event The Prime Minister highlighted readiness of government to work in collaboration with CSO's but insist that all CSO's should work in accordance to laws of the land.The primary objective of the CSO week which involved more than 500 CSO from all over the country was to strengthen relationships between key development actors.

The event, primarily targets five types of relationships.

1. CSO-Government relations

Aimed at showcasing the contribution of civil society organizations towards delivery of development in line with national priorities and plans.

2. CSO-Parliament relations

Aimed at increasing the participation and contribution of civil society organizations in policy making processes.

3. CSO-Private sector relations

Aimed at leveraging the financial and technical support of private sector actors towards poverty reduction.

4. CSO- CSO relations

Aimed at ensuring greater cohesion and complementarity among them.

5. CSO-Citizen relations

Aimed at enabling citizen voices, especially those of marginalized and vulnerable populations to influence governance processes at all levels.

Tanzania CSO Week is all about CSO Exhibitions, Deliberative Discussions,Networking and awarding outstanding CSO.The CSO Excellence Awards we reissued by Foundation for Civil Society in order to celebrate, recognize and honor achievements and contributions made by different institutions or individuals that have influenced development policy and practice in Tanzania. The awards primarily targeted civil society organizations operating in Tanzania, and were also aimed at profiling local CSO's work in order to develop broader appreciation of the important work of civil society organizations in the country.The awards gave chance for organizations to showcase their activities and impact for the sake of their own public relations and fundraising activities. The awards also offered the larger group a chance to learn about the unique approaches applied by different actors in the field of development for the sake of replication of change and innovation in the sector.

CSO Excellence awards were given in the following categories:

  1. Outstanding Work in Local Philanthropy and Resource Mobilization
  2. Outstanding Use of Innovative and Creative Methods to Achieve Change
  3. Outstanding Private Sector Contribution in Social Development
  4. Outstanding Impact in Social Service Delivery
  5. Outstanding Impact in Peace Building and Conflict Management
  6. Outstanding Impact in Livelihood Development
  7. Outstanding Impact in Gender Equality
  8. Outstanding Impact in Disability Rights

The judging panel verified claims of impact and documented them as brief impact stories. Based on the scoring criteria below, the panel also selected the winner, first runner up and second runner up in each category of the awards.Child Support Tanzania (CST) was selected for nomination in category of Outstanding Impact in Disability Rights and succeeded to be shortlisted in finalist recipient of the award.On the night of CSO Week closure, CST was announced as the winner of Outstanding Impact in Disability Rights. The award was received by CST Director Noelah Msuya who actively attended the event from the day of inception to the closure. CST works on inclusive early childhood education in Mbeya and has been a key advocate of inclusive education systems in public primary schools in the region. CST has trained more than 250 teachers in 22 schools on inclusive education. Close to 500 disabled children have enrolled in the schools it works with. It has established 21 Child Rights Clubs, consisting of children with and without disabilities, and act as drivers of change within the schools. It has also established 15 Parents Support groups within the region to act as family therapy groups for parents of children with disabilities. Through its interventions, communities,private and public partners have mobilized efforts to build wheel chair ramps in schools, disability inclusive toilets and other facilities necessary for an inclusive education. The organization runs the only fully inclusive school in the southern highlands of Tanzania.

We are pleased to have named as organization with Outstanding Impact in Disability Rights,this Award marks to boost our organization profile and reputation,and give the organization team a morale to work hard in changing children's lives so that they can reach their full potential. This is satisfactory that we know we are on the right path and indebted to the community to give back in return as much as we have received, furthermore this awards shows that our organization is respected and trusted.