Child Support Tanzania (CST) is a Tanzanian NGO based in Mbeya in the South-West of the country. CST is the only recognised inclusive early childhood education centre catering to the early learning needs of disabled children within the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, an area comprising nearly a quarter of Tanzania. Child Support Tanzania is a Non- Governmental Organization that was started in 2007 and was registered on 27th May 2008 with Registration Number 000NGO00002151.


For the past 10 years it has become essential to the community, widely known and with strong relationships with local government. In the absence of quality state education for disabled children, CST has been providing a vital service to children and families, whilst also aiming to bring about wider scale change through advocacy and training of primary schools for an even greater impact longer term. CST also supports underprivileged children and their families in promoting rights for children.

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Our school and offices are located at Soweto Area,Block T Iyela road,Mbeya Tanzania for more location information
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Phone: +255 763 753 353
Address: P.O.BOX 1420 Mbeya,Tanzania
E-mail: info@childsupporttz.or.tz